Does Cosmetic Dentistry Include Braces?

In some cases, effective orthodontic work can eliminate the need for cosmetic dentistry. However, braces can also be considered a form of cosmetic dentistry when the misalignment is noticeable but does not affect oral health. In these cases, orthopedic appliances are used to cover the front area of the teeth. Veneers are not the standard way to deal with poor tooth alignment and they don't push teeth into better alignment.

Instead, they are used to create the illusion of a straighter smile. Dentists may recommend them for orthodontic treatments when the patient has other problems that can be treated with veneers, such as deformed teeth. This is the fastest way to improve tooth alignment and can be completed in just two weeks. For many patients, orthodontics can also be seen as a cosmetic dental treatment, but it is capable of doing much more than just improving the appearance of teeth.

From repairing chipped or broken teeth to whitening or remodeling teeth and resolving deep stains, cosmetic dentistry has proven to be very beneficial for oral health. Chipped teeth aren't just cosmetic problems; they can also be painful, and cosmetic dentists understand this. Cosmetic dentistry involves all dental procedures aimed at addressing cosmetic problems and improving oral health. All other cosmetic complaints, such as color, shade, shape, or even tooth damage, can only be solved with a cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic options, such as direct resin bonding and veneers, can close gaps by ensuring that teeth remain in their new straight position. In some cases, it is best to combine cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics to ensure effective and cost-effective treatment in the long term. Cosmetic dentistry is recommended for children because their jaws are still growing and teeth are still coming out. It may surprise you to learn that any dentist can practice cosmetic dentistry without any special qualifications or requirements.

During your visit to your cosmetic dentist in Somerville, Medford %26 Avon, your dentist will properly evaluate you to determine your dental problems and to know if braces will benefit you or not. It's worth noting that regular orthodontics focuses on correcting dental irregularities and is not considered a cosmetic treatment option.

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