What is the Process of Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance and aesthetics of your smile. Common cosmetic dental procedures include teeth whitening, tooth bonding, and veneers. Cosmetic dentistry is a professional oral care method that focuses on improving the appearance of teeth. With dental bonding, a tooth-colored resin is applied to the tooth and then solidified with a laser or ultraviolet light that binds the material to the tooth.

Your dentist then trims, shapes, and polishes it. Bonding can repair deformed, chipped, cracked, or decayed teeth. The downside to this procedure (and why many people choose veneers instead) is that the life of the enamel bond is not as long as that of dental veneers. Dental veneers have been the gold standard in cosmetic dental procedures for decades.

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that fit over the facial surface of the teeth. This removes surface stains from tobacco, wine, soda and coffee products. However, enamel abrasion doesn't work for intrinsic stains or stains inside the tooth. Tooth whitening is the most popular, least expensive, and easiest of all cosmetic dentistry procedures.

As the name implies, teeth whitening techniques correct tooth discoloration. In the teeth whitening procedure, teeth are thoroughly cleaned to remove plaque, tartar, and food debris from tooth cracks. Depending on the amount of discoloration, cosmetic dentists also use whitening agents to whiten teeth. Dental veneers are thin, custom-made housings made of dental porcelain or composite that cover the front teeth.

These ultra-thin housings cover visible defects associated with tooth size, color, shape, or length. The thin veneer is fixed to the tooth with the aid of cementing material. Dental veneers last approximately 20 years without staining and blend perfectly with your other teeth. A dental crown is a cap-like structure that is placed over a damaged tooth.

Dental crowns cover teeth that are decayed, damaged, discolored, deformed, cracked, or chipped. Restores the size, shape, strength and appearance of teeth. Dental crowns are made of dental porcelain, ceramic, composite, or porcelain fused to metal. With proper care, they tend to last for about 30 years.

Veneers are an excellent choice for patients with a cracked or chipped tooth, or one with an irregular shape. This form of cosmetic dentistry is also a great option for people who want to close a gap in their teeth or have discoloration that cannot be removed with whitening. Cosmetic veneers are ultra-thin housings made of porcelain or composite resin materials custom-designed to cover the front surface of a tooth. This cover adheres to the patient's tooth once a very thin layer of enamel is removed from the tooth.

Removing enamel is an essential part of the procedure because it ensures that the veneer fits comfortably in the mouth. The cover will then be attached to your original tooth. The bond must be very strong to ensure that the porcelain veneer withstands daily wear and tear without cracking or loosening. A well-placed porcelain veneer will help improve the natural function of your teeth while creating a beautiful appearance.

A cosmetic dental veneer improves the appearance of the tooth by correcting dental problems such as misalignment, discoloration, splinters and gaps. It also repairs worn and uneven teeth. In many situations, cosmetic dental veneers are believed to be an excellent alternative to dental crowns as they offer a more conservative approach to repairing dental damage. In general, a cosmetic dental veneer can last several years especially if properly executed and cared for.

The best way to determine if this process is for you is to call Dental Studio 101 to schedule a consultation as insurance companies do not consider cosmetic procedures to be essential or necessary from a health standpoint. Finding the best Lancaster cosmetic dentist can save you a lot of headaches in the long run by helping you understand and prepare properly for these types of procedures. They look exceptionally realistic and can solve numerous aesthetic problems ranging from crooked teeth to cracked or damaged enamel to noticeable gaps between two teeth. The best cosmetic dentists will not only provide the necessary procedures to give their patients the best smile of their lives but they will also explain why these procedures are needed.

Most cosmetic dentistry procedures not only improve oral health and appearance but they play an important role in creating and restoring self-confidence. Basically dental implants are replacement dental roots that are embedded in the patient's jaw and gum tissue through cosmetic dental surgery. In addition because cosmetic dentures can be removed many people find that these appliances are easier to rinse than other tooth replacements and even natural teeth. Once you start consulting with several cosmetic dentists in your area you'll learn that the cost of cosmetic dentistry differs widely from practice to practice.

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